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Beaubourg is a parisian digital bureau. We team up with small and big brands to define, set-up and amplify durably their digital presence in order to become more desirable. We like to bring simple solution to complex problems. Aiming to reveal what makes each brand unique, we design and produce tailor-made experiences that call out and create emotional attachment, for every touchpoint. Our bureau claims a radical, demanding and free spirit.


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At Beaubourg, we like what works, what is clear, what we understand instantly without needing an explanation. Therefore we are fond of simplicity. In order to make simple things, we try to put a lot of sense in what we do. For us, good design is achieved through strategy, insights and intuition. Our creative process is reductive. It consists in progressively getting rid of everything extraneous and cut to the essence of things. This has nothing to do with what we can add, but what we can remove. We start with a lot, and finish with little. Less but better, as Dieter Rams once said. Achieving simplicity is, to us, an important step into creating permanent value, imune to the passing of time — even in the digital age.

That’s why we think simple is sublime.

Le Gramme

Men’s jewelry brand LE GRAMME consulted us to create its first ever e-shop platform. Minimal, radical and architectural, the layout is based on homogenous and strong proportions reflecting the systematical concept of the brand.

Portfolio website
Valérie Martinez

The stake here was to showcase the photographer’s work sorted by series, without ever degrading the pictures. Result: a menu-less all smooth portfolio with particular attention to details and animations.

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Portfolio website
JR & Associée

For its portfolio reboot, talent management agency JR & Associée wanted to allow the user to wander across the diversity of the represented photographer’s works.

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Corporate website
Blanc Carrare

Marble extractor and crafter Blanc Carrare wanted to showcase the matter and the savoir-faire suitable for its craftmanship. The platform is designed as a radical, grey-shaded portfolio reflecting the cold hard Colvelano marble.

JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded

Along with ethically minded jewelry house JEM's reboot, we designed a minimalistic feminin and literary e-shop reflecting the brand’s values and products.

High fiiive

Located in the heart of Paris, our office is open to you. We are constantly looking for passionate, demanding and curious profiles. You may apply by sending us an email with your references. Should you wish to consult us for a project, feel free to contact us by phone in order to set up a meeting.

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